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Provide the whole industry full scene one-stop website solution
Short video marketing, looking for Qinghai business
Accurate value depression, covering tens of billions of short video traffic
One-stop short video marketing service
Video shooting
Video mash-up
Multi-platform distribution
Intelligent acquisition
Account agent operation
New short video access system
Multi-platform, multi-account, multi-dimensional, multi-scenario full link
Short video matrix promotion + Search ranking + leads to customers + business inquiries
矩阵One-click publishing& Manage the four major platforms of merchant marketing video, and make efforts to spread quickly
Multi-platform marketing
Grab search gold slots
Powerful video SEO optimization technology, a variety of keyword layout, to create a short video search matrix, ranking top to grab high-quality traffic
Leads lead to customers

Intention to obtain, inquiry business opportunities, heating video effect.Broaden the video reach the crowd range, attract more interested users interaction and attention
Turk fission
Operation + exposure + clues, one arrow three diao fully tap the major video platforms naturally support traffic。Extremely low cost and efficient large volume fission extension + preferential promotion order
Behavior + keyword dual trigger, greatly improve retention and transformation, timely accurate intelligent automatic reception of visitors
Data center
Enterprise from the establishment to the full operation, business opportunities without missing ranking promotion, extension, clues, inquiries and other business data collection
Intelligent reception assistant
Mechanical equipment
Hardware tool
Package printing
Chemical energy
Home improvement materials
Short video access system
It has been widely used in various industries
Official advertising, professional operation, one-to-one service
Why short videos are the New wave of marketing
User growth time is increasing rapidly
Daily active users of short videos continue to grow, and the time allocated to short videos by mobile users is also increasing rapidly
Highly active group participation, word-of-mouth outbreak
Short videos are started up to 8 times a day, and users with similar interests have formed a close fan relationship, and user stickiness, activity and interaction participation are higher than other video forms
Content from vertical to diversified
Diversified video content, stars, talent, PGC authors work together to output high-quality, interesting and funny content for short videos。
1 billion traffic blue ocean fan harvester
Short video Short video has 10 billion level of traffic depression, there is still a lot of room for development, the first to enter, the earlier the harvest of accurate fans。
Behavior drives virality and spawns hits
The viral mode of communication shortens the path of brand advertising and enables users to actively participate from onlookers, and uses the unique communication path of Tiktok to drive user behavior and quickly incubate explosive products。
Official advertising, professional operation, one-to-one service
What we can do for you?
Certification setup
Material production
Precise delivery
Professional operation
Intelligent reception
Drainage exposure
The Blue V certification of the enterprise, and the construction and decoration of the business page
Corporate promotional video and landing page copywriting, dubbing, etc
For potential intended target customers, search engines, recommendation enginesTwo-way exposure
More than 10 years of Internet marketing experience, more than 3 years of industry operators responsible for account optimization
Intelligent customer service real-time online, effective review inquiry tracking reminder not to miss any intention to build customer certification
Search keyword layout and optimization, search the top 10 display for the enterprise to bring more high-quality precision customers
Team building
Content planning
Content selection
Photographic editing
Operational release
Short video operations are not just about sending videos Promotion is more important
Process the material according to the script and finish the post
You can publish your content
After the short video clip is finished, the short video operation personnelYou can publish your content on short video platforms
Content is an important point, can let the contentStraight, easier to attract target fans and traffic
Choose themes and scripts, props and scenesAs well as later video editing and video promotion copy

Short video operation process

Why choose AI Shake short video marketing?
Official advertising, professional operation, one-to-one service
Reliable operations team
Professional planning and production team
Short video cooperation service provider
Reliable operation team
Planning and production team
Short video cooperation service provider

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