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Mobile website construction need to pay attention to what problems

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1. Mobile websites may not be compatible with low-end browser versions

Mobile responsive website is mainly considered Android, Apple system, for the computer side of the low-level Microsoft system version, may be a tragedy, low-end Microsoft system coupled with low-end browser, which means that the use of mobile devices to visit the website quickly, the use of PC will feel very card。

2, mobile website loading time is long

Due to the mobile website in the construction process,In order to adapt to different mobile Internet devices,A responsive procedure is adopted,In order to be compatible with various programs and machines,There must be a time to read the device,In this read time,You need the user to wait a while,If the Internet speed is not good,It will certainly affect the opening speed of the website,The website takes too long to load,Some impatient users will choose to shut down the site。Obviously, mobile website load times have greatly affected the user experience。

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3. The ranking of mobile websites is different from that of PC websites

Use a search engine to type in the same keyword,Search results on mobile and PC may be different,Because the current Baidu search engine ranking has mobile and computer points,This means optimizing both sites,A better way is to make the two sites seamless,If you blindly pursue mobile websites,And ignore the PC side of the website,显然,This is not conducive to the keyword optimization and ranking of the website。

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